You will not believe the IMDb score for The Impact

Time To Vote… We have had just 45 people vote on IMDb and 2,000 people in the end credits (screen grab above taken on June 12th 2022).

So no matter your involvement in The Impact, if you are credited, it is in YOUR interest and that of everyone else involved, to vote now. It would be SUPER cool if we could get into the top 1,000 films this week by everyone voting.

You can vote here…

Please don’t knee jerk into giving it a 10, that may work against us in the algorithm. Of course if you have seen it and WANT to give it a ten, go for it!

And PLEASE do take 30 seconds to do this. Don’t assume someone else will do it for you. Success begins by showing up to your own opportunity. If you are credited on the film, it’s in YOUR interest and that of your collaborators, to vote.


Chris Jones

PS – Sorry for the sticky subject line, I need to get everyone to act now.

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