Wonderful write up about Impact50 from Pamela Perry

Pamela Perry who was part of the screenwriting challenge for Impact50 just uploaded a lovely write up… here’s a bit of it…

I had the opportunity to watch a screener of the film. The passion for storytelling and filmmaking by everyone involved is clearly evident, as is the power of team effort. The ticking clock keeps the suspense and tension in high gear. Filmmaking is a team sport and this is a huge team all focused on telling one story.

Chris Jones, Producer and Director, expertly weaves the collaboration into a work of art. The acting is excellent. Every actor makes the most of their time on camera, mostly conveying the emotions and thoughts, both real and imaginary, of imminent demise.

The different perspectives of the story world are as vast as the Universe. One of my favorite segments involved a young woman who has gone to Australia to surf but is grief-stricken about not being with her family at this crucial time. Her companion encourages her to move forward with her plan. ‘If you want to ride the wave, you have to get in the water.”

Thank you Chris for creating this collaborative effort that allowed so many actors and writers to shine.

Read the whole article HERE.

Chris Jones

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