Why I chose to get involved in Impact50… by Tasbir Malle

Just over 3 years ago I was stuck on bed rest with an 8cm wound in my ass, staring at 4 walls, 24-7, with just a laptop and a TV to keep me company most days.

The only light from a window at the far end of the room.

There was no end to the misery or the pain.

There were days where no words of comfort, positivity or hope could get me through and the only thoughts of “I’m going to end up dying in this room” would circle my mind.

Having a disability whilst pursuing your writing goal doesn’t clash any bigger. Every day is disrupted by health woes, it’s a 24/7 job that is tiring, so whatever comes to mind I have to scribble down in a hurry, or it’s forgotten.

But this is me, and I am VERY stubborn, and I weren’t going to die in my bed, and I wasn’t going to give up on writing, fuck no!

If I was to die, then I’d die outside beside my dogs.

And that’s when I saw the Impact50 competition was open. Several writer friends encouraged me to write a story and even film it. I was reluctant to physically do too much as I was supposed to be on bed rest from a healing wound.

But the writer in me was itching to get back to work, so I got in touch with a local cinematographer, Zade, Eric and I spoke about my short script Last Push Till We Meet Again, about “a bed bound woman over coming her pain to be with her dogs one last time before the end was nigh”.

We looked at how best to maximise the visuals, the meaning in each of the scenes and give a true to life feel to it. A fellow talent camper Omar connected me with Yanick (on screen brother) and we had the weather on our side and managed to film it in one day, and sent it into Impact50 just meeting the deadline.

Proud to have made the film, the comments and reactions have been amazing, could not have done this without the support and encouragement from all my fellow writers (TC2), and in a way, it’s felt like a trial run for when the real Armageddon when it takes place! I’m so looking forward to watching the final film on the big screen. Tickets are available for the premiere May 31st.

Tasbir Malle

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