Where Are You? By Infinity Room Films

In January 2019 I became aware of Impact 50 and its impending deadline. Inspired by the story and concept, I resolved to write a script. It seemed a great opportunity to challenge my writing skills, get feedback and fingers crossed, someone would want to make my script into a film. What did I have to lose?

I ended up writing four scripts; Where are you?, Always, Once and We just want you to be happy.

The intention behind each of these is that they are blueprints and flexible enough to be interpreted by anyone in the international spirit of the challenge.

Then came Talent Campus 6.0, a mind expanding, limitation destroying, no- nonsense trip into realising our potential, but what would come next, it asked? ‘I’m going to make one of my Impact 50 scripts’ said I, much to my surprise. Even more surprising, an amazing group of fellow Talent Campers volunteered to help.

With much generous support, advice, expertise and even a location, one month to the day after the completion of Talent Campus we were filming. Never having directed a film before, I relied heavily on the team who came through time after time.

It’s been a great experience, a huge learning curve and a real team effort to create.

Where are you? for Impact 50. Now I just want to make more.

Richard Osborne
Infinity Room Films

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  1. Well done to the “Where are you?” team (including me!) for getting it filmed in a day and included in the final feature film. Congratulations to Richard for his award as one of the world-record-breaking writing team for “The Impact”. Here’s to the next one!

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