Tragedy Strikes And Reminds Us All To Appreciate Life… Nothing Is Guaranteed

Given the Impact has taken eight years to make and involved thousands of people, and we also had a pandemic, it’s mathematical odds that we would lose someone.

At the end of the film there is a title card to remember all those involved who have passed. It’s possible others may have passed too, and that I am unaware. If that’s the case I can update the card.

Today I received terrible news from filmmaker Anna Kumacheva (Enni Red). Here’s her post from Facebook which I asked if I could re-post as I know not everyone is on that platform.

RIP Dmitrij Peryshkin

Dima was a very talented and kind young man and I was lucky to work with him as cinematographer, drone operator, cameraman, editor and colourist on two of my films – “Sing, Mummy!” and “Without”. All of us who knew him cannot believe what has happened. Dima tragically died several days ago in an accident on a river in Altai where he was filming his latest project. His body was found several days later, after a search and rescue operation. He was 37.

He will not see “The Impact” that is premiering soon, for which he contributed as cinematographer and editor… Well, he will not do any things anymore… Appreciate your life – things happen…

Rest in peace, Dima…

The passing of all the extraordinary creative and talented souls who were in involved with The Impact serves for me at least, a reminder (and Enni says), to appreciate my life and to enjoy the journey as best I can. Thanks to Enni for sharing.

Chris Jones

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