The Impact Festival Run For 2023… What’s happening and can you represent the film?

Following the premiere of The Impact last summer, I entered the film into a schlew of top tier festivals. Sadly, none of the bit. This means I am now chasing big festivals, but not the huge ones like Sundance, Cannes etc.

I just got word that we have been accepted at the Melbourne Science Fiction Film Festival, you can see here that we are screening after The Last Starfighter’… EEEEK!

If you are in that part of the world and if you were involved in Impact50, and IF you would like to represent the film, drop me a line and I will see what I can do. It’s always nice if a real human can introduce the film and answer questions after in the bar.

So… If you were involved in The Impact and know of a local festival to you, or better, you know the organisers, can you let me know?

My aim is to show the film at festivals where we can announce that filmmakers, writers, actors, crew, anyone involved, will be there to represent the film.

This could be you.

This will really help with PR for the film and should also give you a little positive heat too.

OK, watch this space. We are now in a way less competitive arena for screen time so we should have a much higher success rate and hopefully some awards to collect!

Chris Jones

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