Impact50 TeamTeam 2022 Launch!

Meet the fabulous creative crew who are bringing The Impact to the BIG SCREEN in this Summer

Chris Jones // Create50 Founder

Filmmaker, author, screenwriter and founder of Create50, The London Screenwriters’ Festival and TEDxEaling.

David Nicholas Wilkinson // Impact50 Exec Producer

David Nicholas Wilkinson was the director, producer, co-writer and presenter of THE FIRST FILM, POSTCARDS FROM THE 48% and GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER(S). He has also produced many other documentaries and drama productions. He has also distributed 120 films in the UK & Ireland in the cinema, on video/DVD, to television and online. Since 1998 apart from Alex Gibney’s ZERO DAYS these were purposely only British & Irish films. These include two films made by Chris Jones URBAN GHOST STORY and WHITE ANGEL. 

Amy Kingsley-Hughes // Impact50 Premiere Producer

Actress and Producer, taking on the task of organising and delivering Impact50’s Premiere.

Cera Rose-Pickering // IMDb Wrangler and Production

Screenwriter, actress and novelist, raised in the land of musical theatre.

Joa Yang // Impact50 Webtech Team Leader

Heading up website updates, blog entries and webs presence.

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