Want to hear the music soundtrack for Impact50?

As I have with all the films I have made, I have compiled the soundtrack so that those of us who love film music – that’s me too – can listen the eclectic score.

It’s not finalised and I am still adding tracks where composers come back to me, but it’s feeling pretty complete. Give it a spin.

For many reasons it won’t be up forever, so have a listen now and if you want a copy for your own personal archives, drop me a line and I will send you an MP3 package that’s fully tagged. I will get round to that after the premiere of course.

Thanks again to all the wonderfully talented people, including composers and performers, who have come together to make this film happen.

And if you want to be really inspired, listen to the track from Schools Out, composed by Ice Dob who was at the time of doing it, thirteen.

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