Screenwriter Carmen Radtke Talks About Her Favorite Impact50 Scripts

Full disclosure: I love Create50, because they made me scale down.

I’d started with novels – historical fiction at that – and then came Singularity50, which was too enticing to ignore.

I’m lucky enough to be included in the anthology, but even without that, it’s such a joy to tell a complete story in a few pages.

The same goes for Impact50. This initiative made me write a short instead of a feature for once, and while I hope that someone will option my script (after all, it contains dogs!), it’s pure exhilarating fun to become involved. If you haven’t yet, get writing, or producing and directing. Join the club.

While I’ve read several  scripts that I’d love to see on the screen, I’ve chosen three because their subject matter resonated with me. Dogs or not.

‘Dance me To The End Of Love’ by Sian Rowland sees a young man intent on having a good time with his girlfriend while they still can, instead give an old woman with dementia a few happy moments before the end of the world.

‘Blood, Sweat and Tear’ by Stephanie Ginger sees an aid worker in an Ebola Treatment Centre having to decide whether to rush home to be with her own child when the meteorite strikes or stay and comfort another, already dying child.

‘Barney and the …’ by Ben Marshall is about a dog’s attempt to get back to someone left behind as his human family tries to flee.

Carmen Radtke, Novelist and Scriptwriter.

Author of The Case of The Missing Bride, A Matter of Love and Death (written as Caron Albright) and ‘Safe House’ for Singularity50.

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