‘Prime Meridian’ by Inigo Productions

After the massive boost provided by Talent Campus 6.0, Helen wrote the script and submitted it to the Impact50 project. At the same time, she got involved with the contribution ‘Where Are You?’, collaboratively developed by the Ravenclaw group from TC6 (mentored by Lucy V. Hay). With just a few weeks to go before the submission deadline, Helen took on the challenge of getting Prime Meridian produced too. She turned to a key group of collaborators she’d worked with in the past – including her Inigo co-director Zoe Cunningham.

The production design was as simple as possible, with minimal props and everyday dress (sourced for rough sleeper Abraham from the charity shops of Burleigh Street, Cambridge). We fixed a single day for the shoot: Wednesday 15 May, at a principal outdoor location kindly provided by Churchill College. Nail-biting weatherwise, but it turned out a marvelously sunny day. Champagne and cake for the wrap party!

Inigo Productions is a female led production company providing a platform to represent professional females in film and television roles, working collaboratively with individuals and organisations in this space. The founding and guiding principles for Inigo are equal representation, authenticity and collaboration.

Inigo Directors Helen Mulligan and Zoe Cunningham take leading roles within the cast and crew for Prime Meridian. We have brought together a number of key team members with whom we have worked productively in the past, notably on our 2018 short film ExAudio: DoP Ariel Artur, Sound recordist Blai Escayola and Post-production sound mixer Alaric Worrod. With the addition of new faces through the Talent Campus family and other personal contacts, we have put together an efficient and friendly team to complete this challenge at warp speed.

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