Making Last Push Till We Meet Again by Tasbir Malle

It was going to be the biggest rule breaker!

I had loved the idea of the Impact story when it first launched and even wrote a script. But it was only a couple of months ago catching up with friends and their projects that I realized the competition was open again.  I started watching the films that were already posted up.

A fellow Talent Camper friend encouraged me to enter with a script and to film it myself.

As a writer I knew I needed to do so much more than just network to make it into the industry and by making short films not only adds to your CV, you are in fact as a writer introducing yourself to the world!

However, I had a bit of a dilemma.

I had been on bed rest with a pressure sore for 23 months straight and with no end in sight to it being healed. I knew if I wanted to get the film made I would have to sit up in my chair and for a few hours at least. My consultant wouldn’t be happy so lets just keep this between us. I decided to make the film and sod the rules for one day!

My search for actors began with help from another fellow Talent Camper who put me in touch with an Indian actor, who loved the script and the project idea. I got in touch with a local cinematographer Zade Aerial who also loved the project idea. We talked in detail about each scene and made a few changes.

The night before I roped my parents into putting together a garden bench I bought that we needed for the film. Thankfully the weather was on our side, we managed to shoot the film in one day, with extra footage and some stills. We were happy with the days work. It was very tiring for me, it was the first time I’d actually sat up and been outside for any amount of time in almost two years. I had in fact forgotten about my sore!

Zade started on the edit.  We’re happy with what we achieved in the limited couple of days we had before the deadline.

And yes that is me acting, although I wasn’t for the most part or didn’t need to as much, as it was bloody knackering! Have you tried pushing a wheelchair on grass?

My story is about a bed bound disabled woman who over comes her pain to be with her beloved dogs one last time. The thought of never been healed and the world ending and what I would do had crossed my mind many a times lying in bed, so I’ll consider this a practice run!

Tasbir Malle

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