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I recently did a lengthy interview for and it just went live…

You can read the whole article HERE and below are the first few quesions and answer…

What inspired the Impact50 movement and what kind of impact do you think this film will have for those involved?

Impact50 is part of a bigger project called Create50 which came out of the London Screenwriters’ Festival many years ago. The idea was simple. How can we get as many creative people, specifically screenwriters, a credit on a completed film in one hit? The first feature film that we made using this concept was called 50 Kisses and was completed and released in cinemas in 2014.

The following year we came up with the idea for Impact50 and launched it
alongside other create 50 projects like Twisted50 (which is a collection of short horror stories in a book). The project has been extraordinarily successful at many, many levels not least getting thousands of screenwriters writing, collaborating, reading and feeding-back, and then engaging
with the filmmaking community.

The project has taken much longer to complete than anticipated for a host of reasons, not least Covid-19. Like so many creative people there are those who actively engage in defining and creating their destiny while others rely on ‘fate and circumstance’ to shape their destiny. My hope and belief is that everyone involved will take advantage of this opportunity and use their credit as a stepping stone on their own creative journey.

I understand you received 2,800 scripts. How did the basic mechanics work in terms of prospective filmmakers making the cut and what were some of the challenges in coordinating such a massive undertaking?

Full interview HERE

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