Impact50: Which Poster Mock Up Do You Prefer?

So it’s time to cast your vote for the final poster designs that will go outside cinemas whe the film is screened (and also given to everyone at the premiere). We have a couple of finalist mock ups for you to consider.

I stress these are mock ups as we are really just honing in on direction, feel and tone. Don’t be put off by clunky images, fonts or text. They will all be fine tuned once we decide on which to go with.

And remember, our film is not Armageddon, nor Deep Impact, so it’s something more subtle.

I have uploaded a couple of higher res images and you can vote on the one you prefer below.

EXCITING! And do please leave comments below also.

Poster One in Higher Res

Poster Two in Higher Res

15 thoughts on “Impact50: Which Poster Mock Up Do You Prefer?”

  1. Both very good, but the second is warmer, less ‘doomy’ and more hopeful somehow (notwithstanding the actual doom heading earthwards!) could there be a man and a woman (and a child?) looking up?

  2. Prefer looking down to earth in poster 1, but prefer the font shape of poster 2. Can you create a poster 3…!

  3. Dorothée Kuepers

    Poster one is definitely clearer. Poster two is great as well, but the 50 is not that prominent and the image may suggest a sci-fi element, that’s why I went for poster one. Plus it resembles the Create 50 logo more.

  4. I prefer the look of poster 2 but visually I think the ’50’ gets a bit lost; maybe a thin outline may make it more prominent? Or the ’50’ starts off with a similar colouration to ‘IMPACT’ then blends into the darker colour for better contrast. Also, I like the meteorite in poster 1, so like others have said, maybe a blend of the two

  5. I like the second one because it features an actual person; in the end, this is a movie about people. Perhaps lighten the colour on the “50” to make it stand out a bit more.

  6. Definately No 2, the second one, is without question the best!

    You can actually see what it is! You can relate to it! You understand what the movie is about!
    And yes it is warm and human …

    The first is hard to work out – like some kind of dead grey number crunching chart with some dangling grey leaves in the top right hand corner which on closer inspection might be parts of a static planet …

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