Impact50 Update… The End Is In Sight

So, it’s been a long time.

We had an actual apocalypse. Who knew.

First up, I want to assure you I am 100% committed to getting Impact50 completed.

The reasons it has taken way longer than any of us ever expected are many and complex, but can really be boiled down to a few simple bullet points and I will expand on these in a later post.

But for now you should know that I am very close to completion.

I managed to get back to the edit over Christmas and it’s moving fast. I also have WAY fewer commitments in my life. It’s nothing like what I have had to deal with in the past three years.

And… with some distance from the films and the edit, I can share that we have collectively made a film that is extraordinarily powerful.

I would suggest even more resonant post Covid. It will be an emotional watch for anyone. Perhaps even too much for some. We have collectively made something timely and quite special.

I am more excited than ever to share the final film.

So what does this mean in a timescale sense?

Right now it’s just me working on it. So things may take a tad longer than hoped for.

But… With the wind in my sails, I hoping that we will get an early spring Premiere online. I am aiming for March and no later than April.

There are some challenges still. Some filmmakers have still not sent me their films after numerous requests. Also, compiling accurate titles is a going to become a thing (if anyone is good at clerical stuff I could use some help here). Plus there are other technical hurdles still to overcome.

Finally, we want to get this out to festivals too, so we will need to run a crowdfund for this.

IMDb will also need updates too, so if you want to help out there, let me know.

Drop me a line at and let’s take this big final step and get the film out there.

Chris Jones

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