Impact50… The Premiere and Beyond…

The Impact was finally premiered on May 31st and what an evening it was! For me it was a personal milestone as I finally moved this mammoth project across the finish line. Eight years in the making, with thousands of people inovolved.

It’s not really the end of course, we have an online only premiere planned for June 25th (tickets are free or you can offer a donation) and then there is the festival run too. And I will need to do a re-cut for festivals as currently it’s just too long and will get rejected by most on that factor alone.

The awards were a highlight of course, as was finally seeing the film on the BIG screen, with that BBFC certificate at the head.

  • There are photos from the read carpet HERE.
  • The announcement of the Winners HERE.
  • Photos from the Awards HERE
  • Photos from signing the poster HERE.
  • Photos from the main event HERE

On a personal note I was really moved when out of the blue, Cera Rose Pickering presented me with a framed picture with a quote (below). I did shed a momentary tear. So thank you to Cera and Milethia and everyone else who made that happen.

Right, I now have my day job (if you were there you know), and we also need to get moving on the online premiere on June 25th and the festival push (and recut to gte it under two hours).


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones


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  1. I submitted three scripts in the early days – none made it through, but I have followed events with great interest and am so excited to see the final result on June 25th (couldn’t make it to the May premiere)! Many congrats to all involved – the power of passion+collaboration cannot be underestimated! Well done to you all!

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