Impact50 local Press Gathers Momentum…

Mark Hampton is currently winning the race for the most local press with two articles appearing over the last 24 hours. Well done Mark! Below are the links and also the link to an article from my local press where I grew up in the North West of England.

Winterton beach poses as Sydney’s Bondi in new movie
One of Norfolk’s most popular beaches is doubling for the Australian coast in an upcoming anthology film.

World premiere to be held of record-breaking film The Impact, featuring Cambridge father Mark Hampton and his son
Cambridge-based actor and filmmaker Mark Hampton appears in The Impact, an upcoming cinematic production starring Olivia Williams (The Crown, The Sixth Sense) which is to have its first public screening on Tuesday, May 31.

Wigan film director’s epic new movie with 50 storylines to get its world premiere
A record-breaking Wigan film director has co-ordinated one of the most extraordinary and ambitious movies ever made.

A WINTERBURN sheepdog handler and breeder has been given a posthumous award for best performance in a short film project.
Amos Dewhurst played the part of Francis in Milethia Thomas’ short film project: Francis of Fell End Farm, which was itself one of the segments in the world’s biggest narrative feature film called The Impact.

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