Impact50: Are You Someone Who Reviews Films? Know Someone Who Does?

I am trying to align a number of reviews of Impact50 to begin to appear over the coming weeks and I am looking for people who have reviewed films before and would like to review Impact50. Ideally on an existing website though it can also go onto IMDb and out own blog too.

Is this you or do you know anyone?

Also do you have a relationship with anyone who runs a filmmaking site, blog, podcast? Someone who might want to share about the extraordinary journey of Impact50?

If you do, please let me know and drop me a line.

Here’s some pointers to start us off…

  • The Impact is a London Screenwriters’ Festival initiative to get as many creative people as possible their credible first-break and a ‘produced’ IMDb credit.
  • ‘The Impact’ is about a fictional apocalypse, and production was halted because of Covid. It now feels strangely prophetic.
  • The opening script is written by friend of the festival Joe Eszterhas, who in his day was the highest paid screenwriter for ‘Basic Instinct’.
  • The President in the opening scenes is played by Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense).
  • 2,800 scripts were submitted from around the world to make the final selected 50 that were released to filmmakers.
  • Nearly 100 short films were produced and submitted to be part of ‘The Impact’.
  • Over 1,500 new entrant film crew, producers and directors were involved in the process, and from across the globe.
  • ‘The Impact’ sets two new world records for the Most Screenwriters and Most Directors on a feature film. It may also set a third for longest end credits.
  • On the premiere night, there will be an awards ceremony where the winner of the Best Screenplay award will be given the Final Draft Meteor Award… And an ACTUAL meteorite!

We have a press page on the site here for anyone who is interested. Just contact me for a screener of the film in advance at

Chris Jones

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