Impact50 and the inevitable recut for film festivals…

As we enter the festival stages for Impact50, we need to get real. The film is too long and in my view, most festivals will reject it on running time alone. I asked a couple of friendly festival programmers for some feedback and here it is (edited to make it flow).

I watched the movie and liked it overall. Obviously some stories work better than others and there are some clear editing options because it does overstay its welcome.
The film as it stands needs an edit. Ideally, to make it palatable to audiences the length should be circa 102 mins max, as opposed to 142 mins as it currently stands. It is too unwieldy at its current length for festival and/or regular audiences. Essentially the fat needs to be trimmed.

Some elements are certainly stronger and more memorable, with others perhaps weaker in content, so, if being brutal the weaker pieces could potentially come out entirely – with perhaps this longer cut made available in some form down the line (online).

Anyone – generally – faced with the running time as it currently stands – from programmer to general audiences, they would feel daunted by the current length and put off from screening it or even watching it in its entirety.

So I am going to do an edit. It’s quite a challenge as its editing a completed film with music, so cuts COULD jump badly. Let’s see if I can hit that 102 minute mark.

Chris Jones

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