How to leave edit notes on the Impact50 Films

Now that filmmaking challenge phase has closed, and yes there will be some latecomers we know about, we enter a month of reworking.

We are going to leave edit notes on as many films as we can, and would love you to do the same too.

It’s all part of the learning curve and the real and deep value of being involved in the Impact50 experience.

Now here is the problem. We are all terribly nice.

Consider this. A good friend will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts. They may even assist you in finding a solution.

So let’s be good friends to each other.

Let’s get real, straight and honest.

Yes we can start every lot of feedback with… ‘Congratulations on achieving the near impossible, making a film. Here are some short, bullet point notes to consider to improve it… just my opinion and feel free to disregard’

Try not to read other peoples notes too, we can often get swayed by other opinions. Keep it clean and honest.

Most of all, don’t disregard your own expertise. You are an expert viewer. All of us are. Tap into that.

  • Pay attention to things that could be cut out.
  • To sound that is poor that could be replaced or fixed.
  • By pace or where it drags.
  • By story information that isn’t working, could a very small reshoot help? Like a close up of a hand holding something?
  • Could there be more and better sound effects?

At the same time let the experience wash over you.

It’s OK to leave tough feedback so long as it’s done with the right intention, to improve the experience of audiences when they collectively sit in a dark cinema for two hours to experience this tidal wave of emotion that will be ‘The Impact’.

Chris Jones

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