How Impact50 Has Helped Me Be a Better Screenwriter by Lorenzo Colonna

Some meteors rain from the sky through clouds

I have been a screenwriter for almost seven years and I didn’t go to any film school.

The only way I knew to learn how to write a screenplay was to read screenwriting books and, more importantly, a lot of scripts.

Impact50 has given me a chance to read beautifully written scripts and I would like to suggest A LOT of them because their quality level is awesome, but I have chosen three.

The first script is ‘Birthday’ by Ros Jones a page-turner that kept me reading line after line until the end.

The second script is ‘Final Frame’ by Andrew Griffin; a great story and I Loved (capital ‘L’) the ending.

The third script is ‘Assemble Avenger’ by Mark Renshaw, a beautiful story with a great protagonist.

I can’t wait to see those scripts on the big screen because they deserve to be there!

Lorenzo Colonna.

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