First Facebook Feedback from The Impact Premiere

So it happened. Impact50 was premiered and what a night. I will write more in the coming days, share more, including reviews and photos, bur for now I thought I would hare a few of the Facebook updates I was tagged in…

And in a day or so I will release info about the Online premiere on June 25th.

Phew. Unforgettable! Here they are…

From Cera Rose Pickering…

Last night was an emotional whirlwind of joy, love and gratitude ❤️ I finally got to see The Impact on the big screen and the results far exceeded my expectations!

There is SO much talent in this film, not just in the acting, but in the writing, direction, editing, production design, music, hair & makeup and costumes. Together, we’ve made something incredibly unique, quirky and special, and we should all be extremely proud ✨️ Special snaps go out to my team – Laurel, Graham, Darcy, Lilly, Helen, Louise, Panayiota and Zeb – who were all able to join me last night along with my wonderful family, Helene, Martin, Jon & Lucas.

I also feel incredibly privileged to have been awarded The Kim Wheeler Emotional Impact Award for my section of the movie ‘Daddy’s Fort’ ( 🙌🏻🎉🏆) which has extra special meaning as the award is named after my late friend Kim L. Wheeler ❤️ Of course,

I can’t post about last night without mentioning our fearless leader, Chris Jones, who has worker tirelessly to bring this project to life. Without his strength of vision, persistence and commitment, this movie would not exist. So, forever and always, thank you, thank you, thank you! ⭐️🎬🎉👏🏻 @impact50film #theimpact #theimpactfilm #impact50 #redcarpetmoments #londonpremiere #grateful #dreamsdocometrue #onwardsandupwards x

From Dee Chilton

A night that had everything from laughter to tears, especially when remembering those who are no longer with us in body, but are very much so in mind and spirit. 💖

It was/is indeed very special – both the event and the film project. I was chuffed to see Cera recive her award, named after our mutual dear friend Kim L. Wheeler, who also received a well deserved posthumous award herself for her fab segment of the feature length film. 💕

It was an epic night for us all, seeing our joint project completed and finally up there on the big screen. For me to share that with so many fellow creatives was special – and say hello in person after so long not being able to (I think that was about as much time as most of us got on the night haha). But it was also extra-special was to have so many of my family and friends there to share that experience with me. 🥰

From Mark Hampton

Great evening watching The Impact in a packed cinema, a full eight years after the idea was conceived by Chris Jones.
Wonderful to catch up with old friends and meet new ones face to face!

Fantastic writing, filmmaking and performances, and my segment “Life’s A Beach” looked great on the big screen and got a laugh in the right place too!

From Ben Marshall

What an incredible night at The Impact50 premiere. Still stunned to have received the FINAL DRAFT Meteor Award for Best Produced Screenplay for Rock. Paper. Scissors!

That is an actual meteorite (just wow!). Immensely proud too that School’s Out, which I wrote the script for and was filmed primarily by students won awards for directing and music (well done Mr Skinner!). I’m not a big one for social media – for me, sometimes the thrill of receiving cool news is tinged with the pressure to share and shout about it. But I want and need to shout out a heartfelt THANK YOU. To Chris Jones and the whole team.

Much has been written already about how the vision and ambition of The Impact50 and Create50 as a whole has helped develop and push the paths of so many and given voice and opportunity. For me a journey as epic and evolving as the meteorite which was once in outer space and now on my shelf in Sheffield. For many of us, a shot of creative adrenaline and kudos. A step outside our day to day. Though of course my Dad sums up an outsider’s view – “Brilliant son, the BBC will be banging at your door now”. (insert sigh) No Dad, not quite, but a much needed confidence boost.

As for the movie, honestly, kind of still processing it. Afterwards there was a genuine buzz (if not relief) – it really does work. It really is one of a kind. The phrase MUST SEE film is over-used, but this feels like one. Forget structure, arcs and genre. The creativity and devotion to each small part is palpable and makes for a movie whole which slaps all the senses. We spent the journey home discussing just what we each saw in it. We debated our favourites. So around 8 years since submitting my first Impact script and holding my breath for feedback the Impact experience feels complete. Time now for all involved to stand back and be proud. And, again, THANK YOU! — with Chris Jones.

From Milethia Thomas

On May 31st, people gathered at the Genesis Cinema to celebrate the premiere of The Impact feature film. The film showcases work from the imaginings of many creative minds. With the indomitable Chris Jones at the helm, it was a brilliant night as we all witnessed a unique and diverse film unfold on the big screen. Crikey! One minute feeling worried, the next tearful – and then laughter. Congratulations to all the filmmaking teams. The film is unique in its delivery, and memorable – Chris Jones, thank you! It was an emotional moment to find out that James Amos Dewhurst, very sadly no longer here, had been awarded best performance for his role as Francis; Kathryn Dewhurst and children Ali and Steven were there to accept his award. So proud. Congratulations

to Ed Swales for his best cinematography award – beautiful work on the film. Hugh Mann Adamson, Waqar Shah, Jay Fisher (Apple Rabbits) – the film looked and sounded wonderful on the big screen. Forever grateful that you all agreed to come on board. An evening with fabulous people – Kilburn State, my sister, who is always there to champion and support me; Janie Caldbeck, my constant partner-in-crime, and the fabulous Sheli Barr and Steve (you should see them Lindy Hop!) who came down to London for the premiere. Missed you, Robin Ying and Bram – we’ll watch the online together. Tinged with sadness, we also, on this night, remembered those we have lost who have been involved in The Impact. The film is a permanent record of their excellence. Never-to-be-forgotten.

From Angela Dixon

50 Writers, 50 Filmakers ONE Picture #Impact50

What a phenomenal achievement. 50 interwoven stories from around the world charting the last 97 minutes of our lives before an asteroid wipes out our planet earth.
Deeply moving, funny and life provoking … I walked out of the cinema seeing through fresh eyes.
What would you do? Who would you want to spend those precious minutes with?

Honoured to be a small part of it. Congratulations to Chris Jones #LivingSpiritGroup for making the impossible happen and every body involved including the fabulous Dee Chilton Natasha Marburger Daphne Alexander Ben Mole Mark Hampton David Nicholas Wilkinson and many many more ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
#film #filmakers #featurefilm #guerillafilmmakers #guerillafilmmaking #guerillafilm #directors #actors #writers #actress #actorlife #redcarpet #cinema #genisiscinema@

From Nicole Robb

Had an incredible night in London celebrating the world premier of a collaborative film that I was lucky enough to be a part of. Many thanks to Chris Jones and the entire #Create50 team for the hard work, dedication, and for the world record award that I will cherish forever.

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