‘Be Prepared’ by Blue Tartan Films

A small team that started in the northeast of Scotland, which uses local people to produce short and public information films.

‘Be Prepared’ explores the dilemma faced by two Guide Leaders on whether to carry on camping or to tell the Guides of their impending doom, knowing that they are miles away from their families.

Guide Leaders have a big responsibility of other peoples’ children, although at the time, you don’t think this, as you’ve done that much prep and have a good team behind you, events, such as a camp generally run smoothly. So it was interesting to explore a situation that is out of your control, but will have a massive impact.

The Guides auditioned, learnt their lines (and one song) and shot the film in 5 hours, whilst on a weekend camp! The film involved 15 Guides and 3 leaders from three Guide Units. For most, this was their first camp, and the Guides from the different units had never met before. While a leader directed the film, several Guides operated the camera (an iPhone 5SE), clapperboard and runners.

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