And The Winners Are… Impact50 Awards Fanfare!

On Tuesday we honoured the very best of talent involveed in Impact 50 at the premiere, while also remembering those who have departed over the years.

And to be clear, we have set two new world records. One for most screenwriters on a feature film, and one for the most directors on a feature film. We are also going for a third record, but more on that in a future post.

Congratulations to EVERYONE who has been honoured. So without further adue, here is the list of ‘In Category’ winners! Photos of the awards will be dropping in the next day or so.

The Best In Category Awards For Impact50 2022

  • Best Performance: Amos Dewhurst in ‘Francis Of Fell End Farm’
  • Best Production Design: BJ Boulter for ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’
  • Best Cinematography: Edward Swales for ‘Francis Of Fell End Farm’
  • Best Visual Effects: Paddy Eason for ‘I.R.L.’
  • Guerilla Film Award: The Watchers by Siege Entertainment
  • Best Director: Natacha Simpson for ‘School’s Out’
  • Best Director: Eleanor Horley for ‘School’s Out’
  • Best Director: Hilla Sewell for ‘School’s Out’
  • Best Director: Rudi Goodman for ‘School’s Out’
  • Best Music: Ice Dob f or’School’s Out’
  • The Kim Wheeler Emotional Impact Award: ‘Daddy’s Fort’ by Cera Rose Pickering
  • Final Draft Meteor Award for Best Produced Screenplay: Ben Marshall for ‘Rock. Paper. Scissors.’
  • The Anil Rao Best Film Award: ‘Equals’ by Ben Lacey

Photos are coming very soon.

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